32nd Regiment of Foot: Join the Regiment

What is the 32nd Regiment of Foot?

We are a community of friendly Napoleonic Wars gaming enthusiasts and we have an awesome time playing together.

What makes the 32nd special?

Voluntary attendance. We do not strictly require that you participate in any of our events. Come and go as you please.

Discipline and drills. The 32nd Regiment is highly regarded and renowned across the community for its advanced formations, organization and discipline on the battlefields.

Historical accuracy. We go to great lengths to recreate the formations, drills and atmosphere of the British army circa Napoleonic wars.

Funny, friendly and nice. That's us! For fun, you can play almost any games with us, almost any time of the day. Someone's always online.

Organized line battles. Fight in large formations of veteran players and experience the tactics and glory of Napoleonic era combat.

Rise in the ranks! Are you a dangerous sharpshooter, bayonet fighter or a talented leader? You will find your place in the regiment.

Choose the class that fits you best. We offer line infantry, light inantry and artillery - all expertly skilled.

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